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I am primarily interested in capturing the divine in all beings. However, most often, I find myself celebrating the powerfully feminine in each piece. Several of my collages exhibit non-traditional Madonnas who derive their power from their internal multitudes, rather than simply their reproductive capacity. I am often inspired by the strength and aggression exuded by certain models when I find them in magazines and books and I want to highlight that. Additionally, I am always inspired by those around me, like Rae Piwarski (Featured Creatures Art), who created the “The Future is Female” sticker. I am always playing with the idea of a divine chaos and possibility of a world run on femininity.

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to wander Series

In my most recent series of collages, I have finally entered outerspace. The series gets its name from John Milton’s use of the word “wander” in his epic, Paradise Lost. In Paradise Lost, it is Eve’s wandering that leads to the “fall of man.” Milton uses “wander” from the latinate root for “to err,” thereby suggesting that a wanderer is, in fact erring. I interact with this interpretation in two ways. First, my series produces “Eves” that wander on purpose. They are fully in control of their processes of discovery. Additionally, these Eve’s are centered rather than the tragical Adam. They are engaging in a pleasurable wandering– one that is productive for its pleasure, rather than reductive for its erring.

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