Interview: Kristin Garth

For my first “emerging writer” interview, I Skyped with poet, Kristin Garth to talk about her upcoming projects and her creative process. Kristin was an incredible interview. She opened up about writing about vulnerable topics, the anxiety of publishing, stripping, writing nineteenth century fantasy, and more. Listen to our conversation below!* CW: Sexual Assault, TraumaContinue reading “Interview: Kristin Garth”

What I’m Reading- March 2019

This month’s list is a little shorter than February, but for good reason, I swear! …Okay maybe it’s not that great of a reason. Basically, I just have been writing a little more than I have been reading this month, which is just the way she goes sometimes. The texts I have been reading haveContinue reading “What I’m Reading- March 2019”

A Meditation on Trauma Writing

CW: Trauma, Sexual Assault I was at a conference recently and one of the presenters pointed out that one of the ways to identify the presence of trauma or, more specifically, sexual trauma in a personal narrative is by looking for the moments where the narrative freezes. Where the voice goes cold or omits. WhereContinue reading “A Meditation on Trauma Writing”

There is no such thing as high functioning

There is no such thing as high functioning Or low functioning There is only pretending Or can’t pretend. There is only “productive” or “not productive” There is only commodity or consumer.   There is no such thing as high functioning Just tightened chests in an office Or a classroom And quiet calls to therapists becauseContinue reading “There is no such thing as high functioning”