In anticipation of my book, Violence/Joy/Chaos (Rhythm & Bones Press, 2020), I am writing a weekly blog series named after my next project, Reclamation. Reclamation is inspired by life after trauma. It asks and begins to answer the question of what one is supposed to do when they feel as though their bodily autonomy has been stripped from them through an act of violence. In order to do this, I “reclaim” my own body from my toes to the top of my head by offering up close and intimate vignettes about each individual body part. In doing so, I am taking my body back from the violence that felt as though it had been stripped from me. I am also offering it to readers on my own terms, with exuberantly expressed consent.


Picture by Shandi Wallace

Week of 4/08/19: Toes

Week of 04/15/19: Feet

Week of 04/22/19: Kick

Week of 04/29/19: Run


Photo by Kristin Garth

Week of 05/06/19: Thigh by Kristin Garth

Week of 06/03/19: Calves

Week of : Shins

Week of : Knees


Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on

Week of 06/03/19: Hips

Week of 06/10/19: Uterus

Week of 06/17/19: Ass

Week of 06/24/19: Flowers


Photo by Shandi Wallace

Week of 07/01/19: Belly Button

Week of 07/08/19: Small of the Back

Week of 07/15/19: Waist

Week of 07/22/19: Ribs

Week of 07/29/19: Tattoos


“Scream” by Jane Fleming

Week of 08/05/19: Breasts

Week of 08/12/19: Cleavage

Week of 08/19/19: Heart

Week of 08/26/19: Sternum

Week of 09/02/19:


Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on

Week of 09/09/19:

Week of 09/16/19:

Week of 09/23/19:

Week of 09/30/19


Photo by Shandi Wallace

Week of 10/07/19: Bicep

Week of 10/14/19: Tricep

Week of 10/21/19: Forarm

Week of 10/28/19: Tattoos #2


Week of 11/04/19: Palm

Week of 11/11/19: Fingers

Week of 11/18/19: Finger Nails

Week of 11/25/19: Eczema


Photo by Pedro Sandrini on

Week of 12/02/19: Collarbone

Week of 12/09/19: Voice

Week of 12/16/19: Memorial

Week of 12/23/19: Spine

Week of 12/30/19: Throat


Photo by Shandi Wallace

Week of 01/06/20: Face

Week of 01/13/20: Hair

Week of 01/20/20: Ears

Week of 01/27/20: Skull