My favorite tea

So, one of my favorite things to have with me when I am writing or feeling unwell is tea. I keep a glass jar filled with loose-leaf tea in my kitchen. You know, next to the all-important coffee and pasta. For those of you who need something calming, here is my favorite recipe: Equal Parts […]

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When the micro is macro

I find myself sitting down to write, much like I am now, and getting lost in the minutia of what I am trying to say. When there are so many tiny, beautiful things that I would prefer to write about, how do I put together a story? In that way, I understand why I find […]

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A note from a gray day

We are so dependent upon our sun and moon for the energy that it takes to invest in the creation of a truly great day. I find myself fighting in spite of the weather, rather than along with it when my day is rendered useless due to a relentless cloud cover. So, I am writing […]

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I’ll dye my hair blue and open it like a curtain Dive in Dive in The sirens are calling and they want everything to do with you. But you like Blue, Blue And pools instead of oceans pools with smooth concrete and plastic floats. Blue, Blue a hue that speaks volumes to you. You love […]

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