What I’m Reading- June 2019

June has been a particularly busy month. If you haven’t heard, I just celebrated the release of my first chapbook, Ocotillo Worship, from Apep Publications and held my first solo art show here in Austin. So, I haven’t had the most time to read for fun this month. As such, I am keeping my list […]

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I stood next to my husband in sequins and glitter, Rainbow, Mostly red hot pants glittering phthalo green, cadmium yellow, cerulean blue hues I never wear as skin unless LED lights are glittering in front of me too. My calves flex like rocks glowing rose quartz against sandstone  that bounces sound back between my chest […]

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Thigh by Kristin Garth

Thigh* They lie to you, at twelve, about the thigh — that what men see, above a knee, will be invitation, impossibly denied. Their closure, your responsibility, neglected means you are unprotected, an opening to be inspected, slut to shut out — having been inside. Suspect a miniskirt rebellion when you cut with razorblade a […]

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Ekphrastic Challenge: K Dulai

You know, in the beginning there was woman and she made stones from sand. And taking water for bone, sculpted more of herself, the gift of life emerging tenderly from her sinewy hands There has been talk of fire, but with her face and her face and her face once more there was the sky, […]

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Review: Candy Cigarette

16 is sacrifice. Serpents seek skin. Sequestration a season, and then they begin — reptilian gazes, demon enchantment, sheepskin, diabolists who crave consumption within. You are an entrance. Composition is doors, all orifices, indefensible pores. – From “An Entrance is Not an Exit” In her latest full-length collection, Candy Cigarette: Womanchild Noir (Hedgehog Poetry Press, […]

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I’d complain it’s too hot             But I know you                  and you would tell me that your skin was practically peeling off the             bone             yesterday. And you wouldn’t remember the metal sign with the dachshund cut out                         in curly q’s that marked the entrance to the hideout where I am sweating into […]

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