I love you, El Paso

My dearest El Paso, I wasn’t born one of you. I didn’t grow up in the shadow of the Franklin Mountains, making jokes about loving different tones of beige. I wasn’t formed by the desert heat or reared in the wake of monsoon rains. I don’t have a border accent or family that has chosen […]

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What I’m Reading- June 2019

June has been a particularly busy month. If you haven’t heard, I just celebrated the release of my first chapbook, Ocotillo Worship, from Apep Publications and held my first solo art show here in Austin. So, I haven’t had the most time to read for fun this month. As such, I am keeping my list […]

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I stood next to my husband in sequins and glitter, Rainbow, Mostly red hot pants glittering phthalo green, cadmium yellow, cerulean blue hues I never wear as skin unless LED lights are glittering in front of me too. My calves flex like rocks glowing rose quartz against sandstone  that bounces sound back between my chest […]

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Interview: Jeremy Gaulke

What is your favorite creative medium? I like illustration a lot at the moment but passions have waxed and waned over the years. I try to indulge as many forms of creative expression as possible. What do you love about that medium ? There are limits to language and I think that I try to […]

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Interview: Beth Gordon

Beth Gordon is a poet, mother and grandmother, currently landlocked in St. Louis, MO. Her poems have been published in numerous journals including Into the Void, Noble/Gas, Five:2:One, SWWIM, Verity La, Califragile, Pretty Owl Poetry and Yes Poetry. She is also the Poetry Editor of Gone Lawn.  What is your favorite creative medium? Poetry What […]

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Thigh by Kristin Garth

Thigh* They lie to you, at twelve, about the thigh — that what men see, above a knee, will be invitation, impossibly denied. Their closure, your responsibility, neglected means you are unprotected, an opening to be inspected, slut to shut out — having been inside. Suspect a miniskirt rebellion when you cut with razorblade a […]

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