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Preston Smith is an MA candidate in Literature at Wright State University. He is a poetry editor for Periwinkle Literary Journal, and his debut chapbook Red Rover, Red Lover released from Roaring Junior Press in early 2020. He can be found on Twitter (and Instagram!) @psm_writes, tweeting about his cats, Helios and Misty, and fairy tales. His poems appear in Black Bough Poetry, Nightingale & Sparrow, and Pink Plastic House a tiny journal, among others.

Twitter: @psm_writes
Instagram: @psm_writes

A Little About Preston

What medium do you usually create in and why?
The medium I wrote most in is poetry. I love the play that comes with it, and it really allows me to both work through personal issues and work with the whimsical at the same time, which is my favorite thing to do. I’m obsessed with fairy tales and magic and astrology and really anything whimsical, and I find that poetry is really the perfect outlet for that. I dabble in fiction as well (I’m currently trying to edit a novel whose first draft I finished a year ago), but I definitely have a lot of work to do with that since I practice it so much less than I do poetry. 

What are you currently working on? OR Tell us about your last project and what you love about it! 
My first full length collection of poetry, Beautiful & Full of Monsters, was published in I’m currently working on both a themed chapbook and my first full-length collection, though the latter is on the backburner and something I’m just adding to sporadically when an idea comes to me. The themed chapbook is working with images such as geysers and a certain genus of flower and is far more personal than my chapbook that released at the beginning of March. This second chapbook, I think, is really helping me find my footing in the poetry world as I’m still so new to it, and I’m just grateful to everyone who has believed in me and been supportive of me so far. It’s meant so much more than I can articulate.

What kinds of things do you find yourself returning to routinely as influences in your work?
For influence and inspiration, I find myself often returning to random issues of Mid-American Review that I’ve collected over the last three or four years. I had the opportunity to intern with the journal for two semesters when I was at Bowling Green State University for my undergraduate degree, and the people I met and the work I saw as a reader for the journal are what inspired me to write poetry to begin with. So I often return to random issues of the journal that I have at home and read them when I’m looking for inspiration and influence. One issue, for example, has a series of three fairy tale poems by Holly Karapetkova that I simply adore and return to frequently! 

Want to Tip Preston or Buy His Book?

Venmo: @smithpreston96

While the initial round of physical copies of his chapbook sold out from its press, an ebook version is available at, and he still has some physical copies that you can snag by messaging him on Twitter/Instagram.

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