Introducing Pandemic Performances!

Due to the ongoing global public health crisis, many authors and artists have had to cancel or postpone critical launches, performances, and readings. More than just bringing disappointment, these cancellations have also critically impacted potential marketing opportunities and eliminated events that drive a significant sales that folks depend on to make their living.

But there is hope! In these moments of struggle, it becomes more important to create community and support one another– even if. as in this situation, it must be from a distance. In a world where all the news seems to be bad news, artists can provide a critical mirror or a guiding light. So, let’s lift them up.

Enter: Pandemic Performances!

Over the next few months, Luna Speaks Blog will be hosting video performances created by authors and artists whose livelihoods have been disrupted by COVID-19. Each video will be accompanied by a mini-interview and a live Twitter and/or Instagram Q&A with the author/artist. You can even include links for your digital “tip jar” (i.e. cashapp, paypal, venmo, etc.). This can’t take the place of a live event, but it will hopefully offer an alternative space to celebrate your work and promote the sales of your books, albums, etc.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me through the “Contact” page, through email at or via twitter/instagram at @queenjaneapx.

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