My favorite tea

So, one of my favorite things to have with me when I am writing or feeling unwell is tea. I keep a glass jar filled with loose-leaf tea in my kitchen. You know, next to the all-important coffee and pasta. For those of you who need something calming, here is my favorite recipe:

Equal Parts of Each:

Peppermint: Dried peppermint is amazing. It settles your spirit and your stomach and it smells amazing.

Chamomile: This is actually a pretty classic combination for stomach upset, but as we all know, chamomile is the best floral for relaxing.

Now, here are some recommended additions (not all at once– just pick the ones you like):

Raspberry Leaf: Extremely earthy tasting and smelling, but great for period cramps, anxiety, pregnancy, and all-around uterine health

Ginger: Who doesn’t love a good spicy tea? Plus, ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Passion Flower: Half floral/half earthy. Will help soothe an anxious mind and also lull you to sleep.

Of course, these are just suggestions, if you are interested. If you don’t want to deal with shopping loose leaf, I really enjoy Mighty Leaf teas. They are pre-packaged (although, admittedly, with too much packaging) and still whole-leaf.



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