Why are we here?

Although I suppose that I did not do this consciously, I don’t think that it is a coincidence that I am beginning this creative adventure on the same evening that the full moon coalesces with a lunar eclipse and the appearance of  a pale green comet in the late hours of Friday, February 10.

We are the product of our direct environment both physically and spiritually. I have long wanted to take the time to sit and weed through why I do what I do, why we do what we do and just what on earth we are doing here on our giant blue-green space ship.

So, fellow witches and wizards, time travelers, skeptics, politicians, blue collar, and white collar people, thank you for tuning in. I am going to be posting some of my own poetry, some serial fiction, and my own personal ramblings about life in general. I am currently working on Capitol Hill, so sometimes things will get political. I can’t apologize for that, unfortunately.

But for the most part, I will be using art to do what art does, examines the truth of our existence. Why do we love like we do? Why do we hate like we do? What is it about the banality of life that drives us to the little rushes. What is dark? What is light? Where does the spirit divorce itself from the body and do we even have a spirit at all?

I know about as much about the answers to those questions as you probably do. All I can promise is that, when I can, I will be thorough.

Feel free to use the “contact” section to send me readings and musings you find important. I am so excited for this project to begin.

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